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Short Term Gap Financing (STGFP) offers a unique Joint Venture (equity) Partnership opportunity, distinct from traditional loans. Here's how it works:

  • STGFP involves a Joint Venture Agreement (JVA) between CTF and the REI Pro's entity (LLC or Corp.), ensuring a collaborative approach.
  • The REI Pro benefits from up to six months of funding, with a 25%-50% markup, providing the necessary financial support.
  • CTF's funding is secured by a promissory note with a 25%-50% markup and 14% simple annual interest, offering a competitive financing solution.
  • The REI Pro receives a first-position note, due in six months or less, streamlining the repayment process.
  • Joint Venture Partnership: Not a loan, fostering a mutually beneficial relationship.
  • Flexible Funding: Up to six months of financial support with a customizable markup.
  • Competitive Terms: Secured funding with a 25%-50% markup and 14% simple annual interest.
  • Simplified Repayment: First-position note due in six months or less, ensuring a clear exit strategy.

With Short Term Gap Financing, REI Pros can access the necessary capital to fuel their real estate ventures efficiently and effectively.

Short Description

Short Term Gap Financing (STGFP) offers Joint Venture (equity) Partnership, not a loan. Secure funding with a 25%-50% markup and 14% interest.

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"Unlock Growth with STGFP: Joint Venture Partnership for REI Pros, Not Just a Loan"

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1. Real Estate Investment Financing 2. Joint Venture Partnerships in Real Estate 3. Short-Term Funding Solutions for Real Estate Professionals 4. Alternative Financing Options for Real Estate Projects 5. Creative Financing Strategies for Real Estate Investments

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1. Short Term Gap Financing 2. Joint Venture Partnership 3. Equity Partnership 4. Promissory Note Financing 5. Real Estate Investment Financing

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