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Short-Term Gap Financing Program (STGFP) is a lifeline for experienced Real Estate Investor Professionals (REI Pros) facing temporary funding gaps in property transactions or rehabs. Here's why it's a game-changer:

  • No Upfront Fees: CTF offers financial support without any out-of-pocket origination fees.
  • Equity Partnership: Funding is provided through a Joint Venture setup, not a conventional loan.
  • Flexible Collateral Options: Accepts various collateral forms, including properties with existing mortgages or owned outright.
  • Quick Closure: A temporary solution with a maximum term of six months for swift transactions.
  • Return on Investment: Leverage short-term financing for profitable property flips or refinances.
  • High Markup Potential: CTF adds a markup of 25%-50% to the funded amount, boosting profitability.

Ideal for investors who own property with equity, require funds for rehab, can cross-collateralize, and have a solid exit strategy within six months. To find potential clients on PropStream, target investors and flippers, high-equity properties, and properties with rehab potential. STGFP is the key to unlocking your real estate investment success!

Short Description

Short-Term Gap Financing Program (STGFP) for experienced Real Estate Investor Professionals (REI Pros) facing funding gaps. No upfront fees, equity partnership, flexible collateral options. Quick closure, high ROI potential. Ideal for investors with property equity, rehab needs, cross-collateralization, and solid exit strategy. Find clients on PropStream targeting investors, high-equity properties, and rehab potential. Unlock real estate investment success with STGFP!

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Bridging Real Estate Gaps with STGFP: No Fees, High Returns! Ideal for REI Pros needing short-term funding for property transactions or rehabs. Find potential clients on PropStream for quick success!

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1. Real Estate Investment Financing Programs 2. Short-Term Funding Solutions for Real Estate Investors 3. Equity Partnership Opportunities for Real Estate Professionals 4. Property Investment Gap Financing Strategies 5. Targeting Investors for Short-Term Financial Support

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  • Short-Term Gap Financing Program
  • Real Estate Investor Professionals
  • Equity Partnership
  • Flexible Collateral Options
  • PropStream Targeting

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