Hablas.ai Product Description

Detailed Description

Hablas.AI is an innovative AI solution that leverages user voice input to gather field data through a chatbot, seamlessly integrating with a CRM system. This digital assistant empowers users to query and update any API-connected system using voice commands or messaging platforms like WhatsApp and Telegram.

  • Voice-Activated Data Collection: Utilize voice commands to input and update information on the go.
  • Seamless CRM Integration: Automatically feed data into the CRM system for efficient management.
  • Native App Resources: Harness geolocation, buttons, and speech-to-text features for lead registration.
  • Real-Time Lead Management: Organize and store audio or text data for easy access and monitoring.
  • Interactive Dashboard: Easily manage and retrieve lead information through a user-friendly interface.

With Hablas.AI, businesses can streamline data collection processes, enhance productivity, and improve customer relationship management. Experience the power of AI-driven voice technology to revolutionize your field data gathering and CRM operations.

Short Description

Revolutionize field data collection with Hablas.AI, an AI-powered solution that integrates voice input for seamless CRM management. Streamline operations now!

Tag Line

"Voice-Powered CRM: Streamline Data Collection Effortlessly"

Possible categories

1. Voice-Activated CRM Solutions 2. AI-Powered Field Data Collection Tools 3. Voice-Enabled Lead Management Systems 4. Chatbot-Integrated CRM Platforms 5. Voice Technology for Data Gathering and CRM

Possible tags

AI voice technology, CRM integration, Field data collection, Chatbot automation, Voice-activated lead management

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