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Looking to upgrade your vehicle with top-notch monitors at unbeatable prices? Look no further than Franklin Superior Customs! We specialize in installing a variety of monitors to enhance your driving experience. Check out our range of options below:

  • Headrest Monitors: Enjoy entertainment on the go with high-quality headrest monitors that provide a seamless viewing experience for passengers.
  • Overhead Monitors: Transform your vehicle's interior with overhead monitors that offer crystal-clear visuals and immersive entertainment.
  • Rear View Mirror Monitors: Stay safe on the road while enjoying the convenience of a rear view mirror monitor that provides both functionality and entertainment.
  • Sun Visor Monitors: Make the most of your drive with sun visor monitors that offer a sleek and space-saving solution for in-car entertainment.
  • Dashboard Mounted Monitors: Access entertainment and navigation features with ease using dashboard mounted monitors that blend seamlessly into your vehicle's interior.

With Franklin Superior Customs, you can expect:

  • Affordable prices that won't break the bank
  • Superior quality monitors that deliver exceptional performance
  • Professional installation services for a hassle-free experience

Upgrade your vehicle today with our range of monitors and take your driving experience to the next level!

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Upgrade your vehicle with affordable and top-quality monitors at Franklin Superior Customs. Headrest, Overhead, Rear View Mirror, Sun Visor, Dashboard Mounted options available.

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Upgrade Your Ride with Premium Monitors at Unbeatable Prices! Headrest, Overhead, Rear View Mirror, Sun Visor, Dashboard - We've Got You Covered. Quality Installation Guaranteed. Drive in Style with Franklin Superior Customs!

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1. In-Car Entertainment Systems - Headrest Monitors - Overhead Monitors - Rear View Mirror Monitors - Sun Visor Monitors - Dashboard Mounted Monitors

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1. Vehicle Entertainment Systems 2. In-Car Monitors 3. Affordable Car Monitor Installation 4. Premium Quality Vehicle Monitors 5. Custom Car Monitor Solutions

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