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Introducing AI Directories

AI Directories offers a selected collection of directories aimed at helping founders promote their AI tools and products by listing them.

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As AI technologies flood the market, getting noticed becomes a formidable challenge. AI Directories offers a streamlined solution to improve your AI tool or product from the crowd.

What is AI Directories?

AI Directories is a meticulously curated collection of directories focused on AI tools, designed to facilitate rapid submissions. This platform significantly boosts your SEO, acquires valuable backlinks, improves domain rating (DR), and drives organic traffic to your site. It's not just a tool for listing; it's a collaborative platform that increase the community's resources by allowing contributions to the directory list.

How It Works

Free Submission

For no cost, founders can list their AI tools and products:

  • Navigate to the AI Directories list: Access a wide array of AI-specific directories.
  • Submit your tool: Click the 'submit' button for directory listings to boost visibility.

Paid Submission Service

  • Provide your details: Share information about your AI tool or product.
  • Relax: The submission process is managed for you, ensuring broad exposure.

Why AI Directories List, and Not Other Lists?

While there are many free or paid directory lists available, the AI Directories stands out due to the extensive time and effort I have invested in curating it. This list is carefully organized and tailored specifically for the indie hackers community.

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Unmatched Quality and Detail

AI Directories goes beyond the basics. Unlike other lists, it includes vital information like Good/Bad ratings, pricing (Free/Paid), domain ratings, and monthly visits. This detail ensures you can make informed decisions about where to list your AI tool for maximum impact.

Time-Saving Submission Service

Understanding the value of your time, AI Directories offers a service to submit your AI Tool for you. This not only saves you time but also ensures better results by leveraging our expertise in directory submissions.


AI Directories stands as a beacon for AI tool and product founders, offering a comprehensive and effective platform for increasing online visibility. By choosing AI Directories over other lists, you benefit from a curated, detail-rich resource that saves you time and amplifies your reach. It's more than just a listing platform; it's a community-driven initiative designed to amplify your online presence and contribute to the broader AI ecosystem.