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5 Free Directories to List Your AI Tool

Discovering the right platforms to list your AI tool can significantly impact its visibility and adoption.

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Discovering the right platforms to list your AI tool can significantly impact its visibility and adoption. Directories, specifically curated for technological tools and products, offer a unique opportunity for developers and founders to showcase their innovations to a targeted audience. Here are five free directories that are ideal for promoting your AI tool:

1. GitHub

WhileGithub is widely recognized as a repository hosting service, it also functions as a directory for projects, including AI tools. By using GitHub, your tool gains visibility among a vast community of developers who can contribute to your project, report issues, and suggest improvements.

2. AI Directories

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AI Directories is a meticulously curated collection of directories focused on AI tools, designed to facilitate rapid submissions. This platform significantly boosts your SEO, acquires valuable backlinks, improves domain rating (DR), and drives organic traffic to your site. It's not just a tool for listing; it's a collaborative platform that increase the community's resources by allowing contributions to the directory list.

3. Launching Next

Launching Next is a platform for discovering new startups and tech tools. It provides a free listing option for new projects, including AI tools, making it a good starting point for gaining early exposure and feedback from a tech-savvy audience.

4. BetaList

BetaList offers early-stage startups the chance to showcase their new products to an audience of innovators, early adopters, and tech enthusiasts. It's an excellent platform for AI tools looking to get their first users and validate their market fit.

5. CrunchBase

CrunchBase allows startups to create a profile and list their products, including AI tools. It's a well-respected platform within the tech industry, offering visibility to potential investors, collaborators, and customers. While basic listing is free, increase visibility options are available for a fee.


Listing your AI tool on these free directories can provide valuable exposure, helping to attract users, collaborators, and even investors. Each directory offers its own unique set of benefits, from the broad, collaborative community of GitHub to the niche, AI-focused audience of an AI Directory. By leveraging these platforms, you can significantly increase the visibility of your AI tool and take an important step towards its success.

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